WFH - Our Top Tips

The living room is your new office, you can't remember the last time you wore jeans, you have completed Netflix (Carol f*cking Baskin) and the summer diet has gone out the window. So many of us have been instructed to work from home for the time being, we thought we would share some top tips to make WFH more productive. 


Set a Schedule

Make yourself a weekly or daily schedule. Give yourself a start and end time for work, with a set lunch break where you can step away from your workspace. It’s easy to get distracted at home, so a schedule that you can try to stick to will help focus on completing your daily tasks!


Create a Workspace

Identify a space in your home where you'll be working from - this sets physical boundaries between work and play. Create the feeling of still ‘going to work’ and create a space in your home where it’s optimised for working. Where possible try not work from your bed or couch, we associate these places with relaxing and switching off. Get rid of any clutter surrounding your space, a tidy space is a tidy focused mind!


Get Dressed

Once you’re up, get showered and dressed, even if you don’t feel like it, get dressed and out of your pyjamas. You become conditioned to associate with a change of mindset, therefore preparing you for the working day ahead. A work from home outfit can still be comfortable, but changing into day clothes will remind yourself that its time for work.


Take Breaks

Make yourself lunch and go on a walk to get some fresh air (while social distancing). Keep your mind and body at peace by taking a small breaks throughout the day and stepping away from your work. Make sure your schedule isn’t filled with work tasks only!


  • Get up, get ready, get dressed-Have coffee/tea, brush your teeth, moisturize skin and hair. Sounds simple enough, but at times like this, it’s easy to stay in bed. Don’t!
  • Straighten and spruce up your home office to keep your headspace in order.
  • Stay productive-Keep busy and keep creating as a therapeutic outlet by spending the time on something you love and usually don’t have time to do.
  • Acquire new skills and better yourself for life after isolation.
  • Don’t lose focus on your goals - Still set your goals for your jobs, force yourself to keep going forward.



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