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Olivia and Rose

Vintage Romance Leather Card Holder (9 Options)

Vintage Romance Leather Card Holder (9 Options)

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Travel light with this phone pocket sleeve and carry your essential items such as Credit Card, Debit Card, Student ID, Business ID, Travel Card, Transit Card, Cash

A gift for any occasion; Christmas stocking stuffers, Valentines, Birthday, Wedding Favors, Party Favors, Bridesmaid gift, Thanksgiving, Art project, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, heck why do you even need an occasion? If you like creating and enjoy the humble act of giving or showing gratitude or even just want to let someone know that you are thinking about them, you don’t even need to wait for an occasion.


Keep in mind these stick to the back of your phone case or other devices and include a sticky backing. 


Material: White PU Leather / Beige Polyester Burlap
Individual Item Size: L 3.8 in/9.7 cm x W 2.6 in/6.6 cm x H 0.2 in/0.4 cm

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