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Olivia and Rose

Checkered Order Sticker Bundle | Digital Download

Checkered Order Sticker Bundle | Digital Download

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Wanna print cute packaging stickers with your Rollo or Munbyn printer? This bundle of 9 thermal packaging stickers is perfect for any small business! These thermal labels will make excellent thank you stickers, happy mail stickers, and other cute thermal stickers.




Files are pre-sized for a standard 4″ x 6″ shipping labels. You have to choose this size in your printer dialogue, it is not going to choose itself. You can also print on a smaller labels, simply choose “adjust to print entire image” in your settings.


Please note that thermal printers do not print in HIGH RESOLUTION. Therefore you will see “imperfections” and “not clean lines”. It is not the file’s problem – it is the capacity of your thermal printer.

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